RAS Home Support Assessment

Home Support Assessment

If you have low level needs, such as you can still live at home but need help with tasks such as cleaning or shopping, then a Home Support Assessment will be organised for you when you are speaking with the My Aged Care Contact Centre.

The Home Support Assessment is about finding out what your aged care needs are, to enable you to stay at home.


The Assessment

If you are found to require a Home Support Assessment, the My Aged Care Contact Centre will pass on your information to an ACT Regional Assessment Service (RAS) Home Support Assessor.

As Community Options is a registered RAS organisation, it may be one of our Assessors who will conduct your Home Support Assessment.

The Assessor will call you to organise a time to come out and see you.


What happens at a Home Support Assessment?

When the Assessor arrives at your home (or where you usually live), they will ask for your permission to conduct the assessment.

The Assessor will ask questions, such as:

  • do you have anyone helping you (such as a family member, friend, neighbour)
  • what support you are currently receiving
  • what support you would like to receive
  • do you have any health concerns
  • details on your current lifestyle
  • questions relating to your safety in the home

You can have a family member, friend or carer present at the Assessment. If so, the Assessor will also ask them questions.

If you are the carer, the Assessor may ask how you are going and whether you have any difficulties or concerns. This will help the Assessor understand whether you need any further support in your caring role.


Developing your My Aged Care Support Plan

The Assessor will work with you to develop a Support Plan, which will identify your strengths and areas of difficulty, your goals, what you would like to achieve and what aged care services you require.


Referring you to an aged care services

If you require aged care services, the Assessor will work with you to identify the service provider/s who will be able to meet your needs.  Once you have decided which service you want, the Assessor will give you a unique referral code, so that service providers know who you are and your aged care needs.

The Assessor will then send your support plan information to the selected service provider/s so that the provider can deliver the appropriate services to you.

If you want to contact providers yourself, you can go and visit service providers to determine who you want to provide you with service. When you decide on a service provider/s, you give them your referral code to allow them to know what services to provide.


If you are assessed to have higher needs

If the Assessor finds that you need higher levels of support, they will organise for you to receive a Comprehensive Assessment.

A Comprehensive Assessment is conducted by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) Assessor.  The information you have given will be provided to the ACAT Assessor and they will arrange a time to come out and help you find appropriate high-level aged care services.


Learn More

If you would like to get more information about Home Support Assessments, you can go to the My Aged Care website or call the My Aged Care Contact Centre on 1800 200 422.