Regional Assessment Service

Regional Assessment Service (RAS)

For people 65 years and over or 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

The Regional Assessment Service (RAS) is for older people who have low level needs. This means that they can remain in their home, but need some assistance with daily activities such as house cleaning or shopping.

The RAS is conducted by a trained Home Support Assessor to find out what your aged care needs are. This is a face to face assessment conducted in a location of your choosing - such as your home.

To work out if you should receive a RAS Home Support Assessment, you will need to go through the My Aged Care system.

My Aged Care is the new way to access aged care information and services for older people who are new to the aged care system. It is a central contact point for older people, their families and carers, to find out about local aged care services and to determine support needs.

By speaking with the My Aged Care Contact Centre, you will undergo a screening to determine your aged care needs. Part of this screening will be to determine whether you require the RAS Assessment.


The RAS Process

Community Options is a registered RAS organisation for the ACT.  Our specially trained Home Support Assessors conduct home-based assessments across the ACT.
The other ACT RAS organsations are Community Services #1 and Catholic Healthcare Limited.

If the My Aged Care Contact Centre determines that you require the RAS, Community Options may receive your RAS request. If we do, we will contact you to arrange a Home Support Assessment.

During the Home Support Assessment, we will work with you to develop a support plan that reflects your aged care needs, goals and preferences. The support plan forms part of your My Aged Care client record which can be viewed online via the My Aged Care client portal.

The outcome of your home support assessment may include referral to Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) entry level assistance and support services, such as transport, social support, domestic assistance, personal care, home maintenance, meals, home modification, nursing care and flexible respite services to help you remain living independently at home.


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