Police Certificate Requirements

Police Certificate Requirements

Registered providers must also meet the minimum police certificate requirements for aged care and disability providers.

The minimum requirements are listed below:

  • All staff and volunteers of registered providers who are reasonably likely to have supervised or unsupervised access to Community Options clients must undergo police checks for the purposes of child, aged and disability care (‘code 19: child/aged/disabled care provider/worker’);
  • New staff must undergo police check prior to commencement of work to Community Options clients;
  • Police certificates must be renewed every three years;
  • Providers must assess the compliance of police certificates;
  • A person with a conviction for a precluded offence cannot provide a service or have any access to Community Options clients. Precluded offences include: (1) a conviction for murder or sexual assault; (2) a conviction of, and sentence to imprisonment, for any other form of assault; and
  • Providers must conduct risk assessments for offences that are not considered to be precluded to ensure safety of Community Options clients. Providers must also notify Community Options about their decision to allocate a staff member with a serious offence not considered to be precluded to Community Options clients. The risk assessment documentation will also need to be submitted. The risk assessment report must outline the provider’s assessment of relevance of the committed offence to the provision of services to vulnerable people. Community Options reserves the right to disagree with the agencies risk assessment report and the decision to engage a worker for the provision of services to Community Options clients.


More Information

More information on the police certificate requirements can be found here.