ACT Health Programs

ACT Health Programs

Community Options provides a wide range of in-home community based services to older people, people with disabilities and their families under ACT Health-funded programs and services.

The programs and services provided by Community Options are as follows:


Community Assistance and Support Program (CASP)

Community Assistance and Support Program (CAPS) is for people who are finding daily living activities difficult due to a health issue.

For example, CASP can help with everyday tasks such as: housework, shopping, showering and getting dressed.


To be eligible for this service:

  • you need to be an ACT resident
  • be under 65 years old
  • have a health issue that makes everyday tasks such as showering, doing housework or accessing the community difficult

Palliative Care Program

Community Options Palliative Care Program delivers intensive case management and in-home and community-based support services (non-clinical) to people diagnosed with end-stage illnesses who wish to pass at home or remain at home for as long as possible.

Post Hospital Support Program

The Post Hospital Support Program provides support to people, following discharge from hospital.  The program supports people for up to eight weeks. Services offered under the program include personal care, social support, domestic assistance and home modifications.

Flexible Family Support Program

The goal of the Flexible Family Support program is to provide a wide array of options to families of people with disabilities and older people that enable them to stay together and to be welcomed, contributing members of their communities.

This is done through developing the families’ natural capacity to meet the needs of family members; enhancing the capacity of communities to value and support people with disabilities and their families; and offering flexible respite services.

Transitional Support Program

Transitional Support Program provides integrated support services to people in need of assistance as a result of illness and following discharge from hospital.

The aim of the program is to assist individuals and their families who are “at risk” as a result of hospital admission and who require support services.

This program can provide support for a maximum of twelve weeks.

Women and Newborn Community Support Program

The Women and Newborn Community Support Program aims to improve mother and newborn health and wellbeing through provision of through provision of short-term (up to 8 weeks) community-based support and practical assistance to eligible women and their families after hospital discharge.

You may be eligible to access the program if you:

  • Are a resident of the ACT or its surrounding regions who recently gave birth in an ACT hospital;
  • Have limited or no informal support and/or experiencing complex social circumstances and varying degrees of vulnerability during the postnatal period. These may include: social isolation, financial and social disadvantage and domestic violence.

If you think you may benefit from this program, discuss with your midwife or social worker at the hospital who may be able to refer you to the program. Alternatively, you can contact the Women and Newborn Community Support Program Coordinator at Community Options directly.

For more information, please download the Women and Newborn Community Support Program fact sheet or brochure.

If you wish to refer your client to the program, please visit our referral page.

Services for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Groups

Community Options offers support and intensive coordination services to people with disabilities from CALD backgrounds with complex support needs and requiring assistance with navigating the service system.

This aims to support clients from CALD backgrounds to live quality lives and ensure more cohesive service provision by promoting best practices, standards of care and performance measures.

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